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Bri {Class of 2018 Boardman High School Senior Model}

Bri is my Class of 2018 senior model from Boardman High School and I could not have had more fun this past year with she and her family! Bri, her mom and her sister have the best, most positive, friendly and open personalities! I'm really going to miss working with them, but can't wait til it's Reagan's turn and I'll get to work with them again! Bri had her first session in the winter of early 2017 and she looked FIERCE! I can't even pull off a soft pink lipstick and she showed up with this awesome black cherry lip color!!

Bri is very active in Choir and drama club... so she can turn it on quick!

But we never kept it serious for very long. Her laughing shots are some of my favorites!! And her mom's!

Let's not talk about the stairs we had to climb to get here. It was worth it, though.

As a TMP Senior Model, YOU get an EXTRA mini session, so for Bri's second session in the summer, we went to the park and enjoyed the lush green surrounding Lake Glacier

There may or may not have been piles of goose poo everywhere...

But, when we were talking about what to do/where to go, I said to Bri, ummm in case you are interested, I have a patch of sunflowers we can shoot in! I am pretty sure she lost her mind. Once we set it up and started shooting here, you could literally SEE her excitement. <3 I love working with new seniors every year and being able to find a location that makes them so happy.

It doesn't get ANY better than this.

Ahhh!!! Fave!!

LOVE what you see? If you're a member of the classes of 2019-2020-2021, go HERE and apply to be a model for your class! We have SO much fun!! Ask Briana or any of my seniors!! Can't wait to hear from you. <3

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