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Welcome to my page!  I guess this is the part where I am supposed to tell you all about me and my photography style!  

First of all, I am a mom to three amazing kids, ages 14, 12 and 10 and married to a loving and supportive husband.  They bring my life more joy than I could have ever imaged (and probably more frustration too, but that’s a whole different story!) !

I love photography.  Ever since I was little I have always loved photography.  I remember getting my first camera, a green 110 film point and shoot that you had to wind the camera forward each time you took a photo to advance the film.  I still have photos I took with it in an old sticky album (yikes!).  From there I moved on to 35 mm with another green camera ….


Eventually when I was pregnant with my first son, my husband bought me my first DSLR for my birthday because, as he said, “I can’t afford the cost of developing all the rolls of film you’ll be taking of him”.  I was still using my trusty 35 mm SLR because I HATED point and shoot digitals (the delay, the random flash, no control was just too frustrating for me!).  From that point on, I was hooked for life.  I started taking live classes, online classes, met a handful of other amateur, semi pro and professional photographers, started shadowing and working with whoever I could and eventually mentored with a successful photographer out of Southern Ohio. 

Throughout all that time, I have upgraded a few times and now shoot with a Canon R6, a variety of lenses, flashes and strobe lights. 

I am based out of Austintown, Ohio and I shoot on location at a variety of locations in the Austintown, Canfield, Boardman, Poland, Youngstown, Niles, Liberty, Warren or any other local areas! 

I shoot seniors, children and families.  When you book a session with Theresa Miller Photography, I can guarantee you will have fun, feel relaxed, never rushed or pushed.  A portrait session with Theresa Miller Photography is completely client centered.  You aren’t rushed in and out of a random back room where your backdrops/sets are chosen for you, your children stuck on a bench or seat (or high table!), shot for a handful of frames and then kicked out!  When you book a session with me, we will discuss, either in person, over the phone or via email what look you are going for or what occasion you may be doing photos for.  We can discuss outfit changes and coordination, or I can help suggest a color pallette for you to work with!  I can even talk through your session with you to come up with a theme set JUST FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! 

During your session with Theresa Miller Photography, I take the time to talk with you and your children, which helps everyone to feel more at ease.  THIS is when I am able to draw out people’s personalities and capture that for you to cherish forever.  I usually feel like I have just spent some time with a new (or old) friend---and then I can’t wait to go home and look at the images I shot!!  I always feel like my clients are more than just clients!!  I mean, I see your families for birthdays, Christmas, births and all kinds of special occasions!! 

Sound like something you’re interested in?  Head on over to the “Book Your Session” tab and send me an email, or feel free to call! 

I look forward to meeting you,




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