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The Ruperts {Family Session}

I first got to meet and work with this wonderful familly when their youngest was a newborn back in 2012! Now their boys are THREE and SIX! It's crazy! They really are a wonderful family, I love working with them and their boys are great!!

Before their session, Marie told me that she and Jared hadn't had any photos done of just them since their wedding! So we focused a large chunk of their session on capturing THEM.

My husband and I need to do this, too. We haven't had photos of us taken since our wedding, either!

We did sneak the boys playing in the background of a couple. After all, they do become our lives once they're born <3

Look how big and adorable they are!

They love each other ...

I may have told them if they gave me a few minutes of cooperation, we could do a silly face shot.

First grade.


Look at THIS little guy.

A before and after. Can you even stand it?

Another before and after...

Look how much they've grown!

Their very first session with me. 2012.

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