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1,000 Facebook likes-- Say WHAT!?

Oh my, I had been tantalizingly close to 1,000 likes on my fb page for WEEKS!! I knew when I reached that 'milestone' that I wanted to do something FUN for all my fans/followers! So, here it is. On both my FB page and my IG page, I am running a Class of 2017 Session GIVEAWAY! That's right! The winner will receive a FREE $150.00 senior session! So, now you're probably wonder what you have to do to enter? 1. First of all, you have to be current HS Junior. 2. You MUST Follow me on both Facebook AND Instagram. 3. Head on over to my pages, make sure you like and follow. While you are there, like, comment and share the posts on BOTH. 4. Tag friends who are also Juniors! 5. After you have done all of that (I will check, make sure your shares are PUBLIC), take a moment to fill out this short questionnaire. Once you have submitted it and followed all the steps on the above/on the flyer, you are entered to win! The deadline to enter is NOVEMBER 23, BY MIDNIGHT, so go enter NOW! Don't wait and don't forget!! *Session is subjec to all Senior session stipulations, such as length of time of session and must be redeemed by August 1, 2016.

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