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Some of the Products Available at TMP!

​Why choose a session with Theresa Miller Photography (TMP) instead of a chain-portrait studio or a photographer who only gives digitals? TMP orders prints and products from professional labs GUARANTEED to look exactly the way you see them during your reveal session. When you use a photographer who only sells digitals or even when you buy digitals through me, the print quality is never guaranteed and can vary WIDELY based on where you print (ask me, I have samples to show you!). Part of booking with Theresa Miller Photography over a chain portrait studio or a photographer who only gives digitals is the fact that prints and products ordered through me are GUARANTEED to look exactly whe way you see them during your reveal session. When you use a photographer who only sells digitals or even when you buy digitals through me, the print quality is never guaranteed and can vary WIDELY based on where you print (ask me, I have samples to show you!). Another perk of using a full service photographer, such as TMP, is the variety of professional quality products I have to offer! I took some time a week or so ago to take some product photographs of my own line of custom, professional products. Everything you see in this photo is available for you to touch and feel when you book your session or consulatation. Looking for something different? Don't hesitate to ask. My labs offer LOTS of different products. I don't offer everything available, simply because it can be a bit overwhelming. But if you've seen it or if you can think it up, I can probably find it for you!

Make sure you read through this entire post to see close ups and more information about each individual product! First up is GALLERY WRAPPED CANVAS! Who doesn't love canvases? They look amazing, hang right to the wall and do not require a frame! My canvas wraps feature beautiful, tight, thick edges, a fully finished and ready to hang back and are sprayed with a UV coating. 20x24 Canvas Gallery Wrap

10X10 Canvas Trio

Next up are metal prints! These look AH-MAZING in person (the photos do not do it justice). The colors are so vibrant and bold, I just love them! They come in a variety of ornate shapes like this or you can get squares or rectangles! Metals come with the option of an easel back or a wall mount back. This one has a wall mount but I propped it up on my own easel for these photos.

Mini album. This album is available as an add on ONLY (it cannot be purchased alone) to any order totaling $250.00 or more. It is 6x8 inches and has a custom photo paper wrap around cover. It comes with 10 pages/20 spreads on beautiful, thick pages and layflat full page spreads.

LOVE the layflat books! You lose NONE of the image!

This next item is one of my newest products and my latest obsession! This is called an album easel and these photos are of MINE. I was so excited to find this product, I ordered my first studio sample of my own photos! Let me tell you, when mine arrived, I went through it like a kid in a candy store. I showed my kids and we looked through the images. Every time I got to a photo of my 4 year old or with him in it, he got the biggest smile on his face and gave me the biggest hug!! This item is so versatile. It is an alternative way to get and DISPLAY 10 or 20 of your session images. Can't choose which image to frame on a table top, shelf or fireplace mantel? THIS is the product for you. They are available in 5x7, 8x8 or 8x10. Each album easel has either 10 or 20 of your favorite session images mounted on styrene that will never warp. These mounted prints stand and display in a solid wood base (available in four colors). These also make the best gifts for parents and grandparents!

Can be displayed horizontally or vertically --and you can order both photo orientations on the same easel!

You can choose from black or white mounts (I choose black to match this wood base) and the wood base can be black, white, natural wood or a medium, stained wood.

My kids LOVE to look through these images and choose which photo to display.

Looking to preserve ALL of your session images in an heirloom quality, top of the line, custom photo album? This gorgeous album is just for you. It is the ultimate ablum for every session. It boasts a wrap around cover (in leather, linen, or everyone's favorite, custom photo cover), 1/16th inch thick pages, virtually UNLIMITED pages, full panoramic spreads, layflat binding and so much more!

This album is absolutely gorgeous. It is a true, quality, heirloom piece that will be passed down for generations to come. In a world of cell phone images and a plethora of digital images that our children's children won't have any way to view, give your children and grandchildren the gift of memories and family to treasure forever.

​See something you HAVE TO HAVE? Book a session with me! These products are ONLY avaiable through professional labs who only sell to and deal with professional photographers. When you book a session or a consultation with me, I will bring some or all of these products for you to look at, touch and feel in your own hands. If we meet at your home, we can take my product and print samples into your own rooms and see if they work and fit with your wall space and decor! Make sure you keep an eye out. I have a couple other items not photographed yet and have a few others I am thinking of ordering samples of and offering. As I said, always ask me if you are looking for something you don't see here. I will always do my best to find it for you and more than likely, I will find it!

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