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Spring Minis!

These two kiddos are so great and easy to photograph! The first time I shot them, I asked them if they practiced at home first! They knew just what to do, followed directions perfectly and were just perfectly behaved. ....if only my own kids we half as good at posing for photos for me!!

IMG_4739-2 edit watermarked.jpg

IMG_4727-2 edit watermarked.jpg

IMG_4724-2 edit watermarked.jpg

He said he was NOT going to hold any flowers. Ha!

IMG_4713-2 edit watermarked.jpg

She, on the other hand was all about it!!

IMG_4696-2 edit watermarked.jpg

Oh, and hey, here's one of my little cutie patooties too!!!

IMG_4560 edit watermarked.jpg

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