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Spring Mini Sessions!

Alright, so during the Spring Mini sessions here at Theresa Miller Photography, we had a lot, really, A LOT of crying babies. Can you pick out who was crying?? Whew, we were still able to get some shots done but it was tricky!! We had to make the little ones laugh for split seconds and fire away! Oh, and I had to edit out some VERY red cheeks and noses lol... and maybe a little snot too. ;-)

Check out this cutie, Ben. He walked into my house with a big HI!!!! He is the friendliest kid I may have ever met!! He was crying for this photo. He had snot under his nose and bright red cheeks and nose!!

IMG_4849 edit watermarked.jpg

Dom was less impressed with us But I was still pretty imressed with him. Look at that FACE!!!

IMG_4842 edit watermarked.jpg

They both cried. Yep, don't they look miserable??

IMG_4825 edit watermarked.jpg

Hello gorgeous!!

IMG_4743 edit watermarked.jpg
IMG_4765 edit watermarked.jpg
IMG_4766 edit watermarked smaller file.jpg

Lilly hated EVERYTHING we sat her in. So we tried tummy time. Which she hated even more. We got some cute smiles while she was laying on her back though! Too bad that hid the adorable little bunny tail on her diaper cover!

IMG_4811 edit watermarked square.jpg

Look at those baby blues.

IMG_4799 edit watermarked.jpg

What a pretty baby she is!

IMG_4797 edit watermarked.jpg
IMG_4819 edit watermarked.jpg

We squeezed a couple of St Patty's Day images out of this little guy too!

We even squeezed a few St Patty's Day images out of this little cutie!!
IMG_4855 edit watermarked.jpg

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